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Targeted Panel Sequencing

Targeted gene sequencing panels are useful tools for analyzing specific mutations in a given sample.

Features of our test

  • Single nucleotide variants (SNVs)
  • Insertions and deletions (Indels)
  • Structural variants (SVs)
  • Copy number variants (CNVs)
  • Repeat expansions
  • Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) variants
  • Paralogs

Sample Requirement

  • Blood
  • Swabs
  • FFPE Tissue
  • DNA Samples

Why do you need the targeted panel test?

To evaluate the genetic or hereditary threat advancement of overall survival through prior detection which eventually diminishes the cost of therapy and support the clinicians to decide on preventive measures.

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  • Covering nearly all kinds of disease areas including the rare ones using our latest next-generation sequencing technology.
  • Highest accuracy with exceptionally low error.
  • Covering the highest number of genes.
  • Cost-effective.

Covers disease-associated genes that are curated from the leading 5 databases

  • CCDS
  • Ensembl
  • ClinVar
  • RefSeq
  • S

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Why should you choose us

Our high-throughput sequencing technologies have the potential to determine pathogens more rapidly and precisely than conventional methods thereby furnishing new insights into disease transmission, virulence, and antimicrobial resistance.

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